Ok, if you have not watched any or up to episode 6 of the show, then you can’t blame me for spoiling anything after this. I have given you fair warning of what’s to lay ahead, that is, SPOILERS.

My first thought for this review of the show is to just bash it for the horrible mess that it is. I won’t do that, I won’t bash it, but I will still explain why I dislike this show so much. It doesn’t matter if I bash or say in a nice, polite manner, the show will remain as one that I will not watch again after it’s over. Well, I won’t watch episodes 1-4, 5 and 6 have actually been great, though it should be called, The Glossery of the Mandalorian. In fact, change the name of the show completely, it should be called, The Fairy Tale of Boba Fett.

I say that because Boba Fett is basically the new Disney princess. Before you say that I’m already bashing the show here by saying that, well, I’m not. How? Just think about it for a second. Ok, did you? Then let me explain how Boba Fett is a princess.

What is a Disney princess? Someone that wants to be kind and respected by the people in her lands. It’s someone that likes to walk around her kingdom to interact with her people. It’s a person who will treats everyone as equals. It’s someone who wants to unite everyone even if they are a different race or creature. And to top off the list, it’s someone who is kind to the animals to the point that they share a bond beyond just being owner and pet but as equals as well and able to talk to and “understand” each other.

Ok, now take those terms as to what makes a Disney princess and apply to Boba Fett. Boba Fett wants to be kind and respected by the people in his lands. Boba Fett likes to walk around his kingdom to interact with his people. Boba Fett wants to treat everyone as equals, (gangsters). Boba Fett wants to unite everyone even if they are a different race or creature (Tusken Raiders). Boba Fett is kind to the animals (Rancor and Bantha) to the point that they share a bond beyond just being owner and pet but as equals as well and able to talk to and “understand” each other.

Try to tell me I’m wrong.

So, say hello to the new Disney princess, Boba Fett.

One of the first things that Boba Fett does in the show is want to rule with respect. That’s a good moral thing to do and it’s something that should be done with the leaders of a country/world. However, if that said world is Tatooine, a planet full of gangsters, thieves, outlaws, and basically the not so nice people of the galaxy, then ruling with respect just isn’t going to cut it. But ok fine, lets go with this trying to use respect thing, what happens when it shows that it’s not working? Boba Fett don’t do anything. I speak of the first moment when Fett is taking tributes, he gets disrespected, not once, not twice, not thres times but four times by Mok Shaiz (David Pasquesi), who is a aid to the mayor.

First of all, when did Tatooine hold elections for a mayor? Anyways, the mayor don’t show up, that was the first disrespect to Fett. Then Mok Shaiz says he won’t pay a tribute, disrespect number two. Third disrespect is Mok Shaiz telling Fett that he is there to collect a tribute from Boba Fett to the mayor, uh what. And last disrespect is done as Mok Shaiz is leaving when he gives a veiled threat to Fett.

Alright, Boba Fett is wanting to rule with respect, fine, he tried and then he was disrespected in his home by the mayor not showing up. That can be forgiven because ruling with respect but the moment that Mok Shaiz refused to pay a tribute he should have at least been hit with something but when he tells, not asks, tells Fett to pay, shot, and then there would have been no fourth time of disrespect where he could threaten Fett and even letting him get to that point, he should have shot him. Any respect Boba Fett was trying to get is now lost.

That’s not the only thing that I do not like about the show, oh there are a lot of things and I would like to talk about all in detail, but then I would have my own book, the Book of Why Boba Fett’s Book Sucks. Title don’t roll off the tongue so well, but this show don’t sit well with me, so we’re even.

Here’s a rundown on what I don’t like and what makes the show bad.

Boba Fett – yes the main character. He’s supposed to be the most feared bounty hunter of the galaxy, instead he gets beat up by kids and sleeps in a bacta tank (where he can somehow not breath through his nose in the water), has flashbacks of getting beat up, allows basically everyone disrespect him, and has more people fighting his fights for him. Then theres how did Boba Fett go into the Sarlacc pitt as in shape, fit, presumably middle aged bounty hunter, then come out of the pitt as overweight, big bellied, out of shape, old man bounty hunter? Was the Sarlacc feeding him some super supplement that got him plump and old before it digested him?

Rancor – they took another most feared being, this time a giant creature, and made it all nice and gentle. Luke should have known that all he had to do to stop a Rancor was scratch it behind it’s ear hole. Also, if someone put the blinders on the eyes of the Rancor then would that have been the first person the Rancor saw?

Back to the Future – there have been a few Back to the Future references in the shows, one of the worst was the biker gang. The CGI is horrible looking, almost like they shot them sitting on a model then used 2nd year animators using old programs to paste the bikers onto the video.

The train heist – if this train has been coming through there on some sort of schedule and or set path, then why wasn’t it taken out easier? What was stopping the Tuskens or even Fett, from digging some holes, planting some powerful mines, and then blowing that thing as soon as it goes over them? Dig a hole in the sand. Or with all these call backs to earlier years of the Star Wars history, let them use the energy ball aka boomas, to stop the train?

But as bad as the show has been, there are episodes 5 and 6, which with episode 5, it just proved how bad the show has been so far. Episode 5 brought back Mando but did not even have Boba Fett in it at all. Then with episode 6, Fett was basically a side character that contributed as much to the episode as the people paying tribute in episode 1 before the mayors aid. Yeah, I don’t remember them either, that’s my point.

With these 2 episodes, the show felt more like a new season of the Mandalorian instead of being part of the Book of Boba Fett. In these 2 episodes we got to see that the Armorer and Paz Vizsla are still alive, we got to see Mando use the Darksaber, we got to see Mando being the bounty hunter that Fett should be, got some fan appeasement with the Naboo starighter, and these wasn’t even the best of those 2 episodes.

In episode 6 there was Luke, which by the way, that is a lot better CGI being used here, and we got Ahsoka talking to Luke. Hearing Ahsoka say Master Luke and then saying that he is so much like his father for me is almost worth sitting through those 4 horrible episodes. Then to top this off we got Cad Bane, yes, another Clone Wars character.

A big fight is coming with the Pyke Syndicate and what looks like a showdown will happen between Mando and Cad Bane, but why did it take this long to even get to this point?