If you don’t like spoilers, even from trailers, then you are getting warned right now that I am about to break down the trailer and TV spot for Doctor Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness that was release Feb 12, 2022.

Before I get into the breakdown of these videos, I want to express that from what I saw in the trailer and spot, this movie is going to be insane and great. I don’t know what some people are thinking with saying that superhero movies are not as exciting because with each new movie I get more entertainment from it then I did the last one. Yes, that includes the Eternals, that though has some problems, each time I watch I enjoy more and more as I see new stuff and get a better understanding of the characters.

Anyways, I’m not here to talk about the other movies, I’m here to talk about Doctor Strange, so I will get right down to. I won’t do every single frame, that would be a whole lot, so I will just start with the first frame and then talk about the ones I think are the more important ones. I will also blend the trailer with the TV spot to help condense the article.

The trailer opens to Strange opening his eyes and talking about dreaming the same dream. There is a light reflection in his eyes but even blown up I can’t make out anything other it being light.

Eyes of Doctor Strange

The next scene is an amazing shot that has some very cool visuals and is a bit disturbing. The Sanctum Santorum looks to be the only building in that landscape of bleakness. Though, it don’t look like it will be there for much longer as it is breaking and melting away at the same time. Could this be a dream that Strange is having or an actual location? If it is a location then what location? Not a good one from the bones scattered on the ground everywhere. The other thing to take note of and it finally answers a question I’ve had since Avengers: Infinity War, did the cloak of levitation get ripped by Thanos? Yes, it did. There is now a blue patch on the back of the cloak that I can only think is there because of Thanos. Now my question is, where did the patch come from? Was it from another cloak from another universe? Was it a piece of material in the MCU that Strange had and he just sewed it to the cloak and it now is there but has no powers? Like, if that piece were to be taken out, it would just be cloth with no magic. Or, would it be imbued with magic after being part of the cloak? Or did Strange do a spell on it to allow it to now be a part of the cloak?

Bleak world

The next scene looks like it’s part of the same moment as the bleak Sanctum and I’m betting that the demon face on the doors will have lots of people saying it’s Mesphisto. I don’t think so but it does have the evil look to it.

Faces in the door

Once the doors open, they open to a staircase. Depending on what type of person you are will be how you view the stairs. Are they going up into the sky to a portal or a different domain/universe? If this is a hellscape that Strange is in or a Nightmare landscape (hint hint there), then they could be leading up and out of the dream. Or are they leading down into the dreamscape? There are a few curiosities for me in that scene. The water that is washing up and around the stairs. It almost looks like sand is in the hall leading to the stairs and the water that is pooling up in front of them. Then there is the table, chair, and what looks like a lamp in the background. Are they just parts of left over house or is this a setting for someone to sit to check in/out someone from the house?

Following the stairs is a scene that seems like it’s nothing too important other than a transition moment. But is it? The eyes focus in on the cup dropping and exploding before the scene transitions, which is a cool transition, but look in the background, are those wheels to a wheelchair? Kind of looks as if they are.


When the cup transitions to the next scene, it’s to a battle. I’m back an forth on who they are fighting but it is someone from above. In the TV spot there is a different angle that might be who they are fighting, and it seems like it could be a version of a Doctor Strange. Maybe the evil one? There is someone in the air above and you can see a cape or cloak. That leaves the question at, is this the enemy or a friend? This could be Kamar-Taj.

About to be attacked
Friend or foe

This next scene in the trailer had my yelling out. Yes, I’m very excited to see America Chavez in the movie. I’ve liked the character since her first appearance and I like her original origin story, (read the comics to see how in my opinion they destroyed her origin and future stories they could have been used), and I hope that in the movie they keep with the original origin story. If you don’t know who America Chavez is, I won’t spoil it even here after saying there are spoilers, but she is amazing and her being in this movie makes total sense. I will say this, those blue stars are important to her and I’m thinking are going to be a huge deal for the future of the MCU, so watch out for America Chavez.

Aside from my geeky giddiness, there’s the fact that America is chained up. Then there’s the fiery bandaged wrapped giant faced thing screaming at America.

Hot breath

Now for the big scene that might open the MCU to the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and maybe even Blade. When Strange is taken into a room, in some special cuffs and surrounded by what looks like what Ultron was supposed to be used for, as guards, does Strange walk into a room of the Illuminati? There is one on the far left that is speculated to be Reed Richards. Then there is another person in a chair, 3 chairs clearly empty, possible 1 chair in middle blocked by Strange that the person walking toward could be going to or a empty spot for someone else. The one walking might be Blade. Yes, I know he wasn’t part of the Illuminati but if you look at the figure you can see what looks like handles on his back. That could be the sword that Blade uses. Then we hear the voice, and that voice I’m 99.9% sure is Sir Patrick Stewart aka Charles Xavier, and you can see the back side of his head that is bald.

The Illuminati maybe
Blade maybe

Another mystery making an appearance is the glowing energy person that could be 1 of 3 people. It could be who the majority of people are thinking and I confess when I first watched I thought the same. Captain Marvel. This could be a different version of Captain Marvel from a different universe, but it might not be. Being that Wanda is in this, could this be Monica Rambeau in her Captain Marvel form? And there are some that think it might be the Superior Iron Man that Tom Cruise is rumored to be. Hmm? I don’t think so but hey never know with Marvel.

Who is glowy person

How many versions will we get of Doctor Strange? Right now we know there are normal Strange, zombie Strange, Defenders Strange, and evil What If Strange. Will there be others? Will there be a superior Strange or one that is already on the Illuminati?

What If

In these two scenes, one is from the trailer that shows Wanda’s eyes and the reflection of some light and something else that I can’t make out. But then I saw the TV spot and it sure looks like the scene that has Christine and America Chavez looking forward with those light platforms behind them. Are they having to face off against Wanda?

Wandas eye