If you have not read issue #5 of Thor that came out on June 24, 2020, then you might not want to read this article, as it will contain spoilers. If you don’t care about spoilers then you can keep reading to find out the secret that was revealed in issue #5.
Since the new title of Thor came out, the god of thunder has been helping Galactus prepare for the Black Winter. Early on in the series, Galactus came to Thor asking for help in fighting the universe killing Black Winter. Nothing is really known about the Black Winter other than it’s powerful enough to wipe out the whole universe and Galactus needs help from Thor to defeat it.
However, Thor alone is not strong enough to help take on Black Winter, so Galactus makes Thor into a herald and imbues in with the power cosmic. Now Thor is even more powerful and helps Galactus gain more power, which Galactus does so by killing off a planet that was inhabited, and also makes Thor upset that he does and vows to deal with Galactus after dealing with Black Winter.
Will Thor get his chance though? The big reveal in issue #5 is that Galactus is actually a herald himself to non-other than the one Thor and Galactus are fighting, the Black Winter. Black Winter is not there to take out the universe as was suspected but to get Galactus. Not only is that revealed but Black Winter also tells Thor that he should be watching out for the one who actually wants to kill him and that he is much stronger than Black Winter.
So, these reveals are intense. Being that Galactus is a cosmic force and basically an elder of the universe in the Marvel Universe and is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, we find out he’s a herald. Don’t take that as a diminishing factor to his power because he is still powerful and the idea of a herald still means powerful beings. A herald is nothing to scoff at because they are some of the most powerful characters that aren’t a cosmic level person. Silver Surfer is not a weak person just because he got his power from Galactus and is a herald, what it means is that he was given his power from someone and it was only a fraction of that power. Being we know that is Galactus that gave the power cosmic to the Surfer and that it was just a fraction, that puts Galactus at being very powerful. Which we know. Ok, so now we know Galactus is a herald. What we don’t know is if Black Winter gave only a fraction of his power to Galactus. If so, then just think of how powerful that would make Black Winter if Galactus is as powerful as we know him to be.
And now we know that a being that is more powerful than Black Winter is coming to get Thor. Wow. In terms of numbers, lets say 1-10 of power levels, Thor is a 8, Galactus 9, now we know Black Winter might be a 10, but there’s going to be someone that’s an 11. Yep, I’m looking forward to see the upcoming issues of Thor. Also, how long with Thor hold the power cosmic?