If you have not read Thor #5 yet, then be warned that this article will contain spoilers for that issue about Galactus.
Now that we know that Galactus is a herald, I have one main important question.
What is his mission?
We know that the heralds of Galactus has one primary mission, find worlds that Galactus can consume so he stays alive. Now some of them are different than the others, mainly Silver Surfer who tries to only pick planets that don’t have beings living on them. Not that it don’t happen where Galactus does eat a planet with people living on it, in fact he does so in this new Thor title. But the point is still the same, the heralds of Galactus has the job of finding food for Galactus.
So, what does Galactus, herald to Black Winter do? What is his job for Black Winter? Is he here to find a way to end a universe? Maybe if we knew the purpose of Black Winter then we would know the purpose of Galactus as the herald to Black Winter. Since we don’t that means for now it’s just anyone’s guess as to what job Galactus has to do as a herald.