Mark Hamill has confirmed through Twitter that he has been a part of all but the prequels of the Star Wars films. Just recently he let the Jedi out of the bag by telling the world he had a part in the streaming series, The Mandalorian. Now he has revealed he also had voice parts in Solo, Rogue One, and even other roles in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.
What are the roles he plays? That’s a good question. His clue is to look for parts played by Patrick Williams but if you look that name up on IMDB, well, you find a lot of credits but nothing really telling about Mark Hamill’s roles. There are the ones we already knew about and now know about. Such as, Dobbu Scay in The Last Jedi and now EV-9D9 on The Mandalorian, but nothing for the other films other than Luke Skywalker. Though the biggest reveal to me was that he had a speaking role in The Force Awakens. Now if you are wondering back on his text from 2015(ish) when he revealed on Twitter that he would say, “not a word” in the Force Awakens. At the time everyone just assumed he was not going to reveal any secrets or spoilers about Luke but then once the film was released everyone discovered he did just that, revealed the biggest spoiler of all, that he said not a word. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t too happy with the fact that Luke didn’t say anything in the movie but I find the fact that Mark Hamill gave such a huge spoiler to the world without the world even suspecting that it was a spoiler is amazing. It was right there, in our faces the whole time from the actor himself, that he said nothing but we just all thought, hey, he’s not talking to us about it, that’s fine, it’s to be expected that he wouldn’t give spoilers. But bam, he did. Now however, he reveals he did speak in it. Does it deminish the not a word moment? A little but it now gives us something to search for in the movie and forces us to watch The Force Awakens again until we discover it. Or someone else does and we just skip to that part.
What are his other roles? Don’t know but they are voice roles. I guess it’s time to start watching Epi. VII and VIII again.