It was way back on August 31, 1939 that Marvel joined the world. Since then, they have been entertaining, teaching, helping, guiding, and being a company that inspires millions of people. 80 years of having Marvel give us stories and characters that we love and care about. They have grown from being unknown to being thought of as only a child’s magazine, and then into a company that now dominates the film industry with its stories and characters.

Marvel is in the midst of celebrating 80 years of entertainment and coming on August 31, 2019, the party will be shared with everyone. For a week Marvel will celebrate 80 years and they will have parties at various retailers hosting events, exhibitions, and the release of Marvel Comics #1000.

There are a lot of variant covers for this issue, so you will have a good pick of which ones you might want. Some are selling out already on multiple retail sites, so if you have a choice one that you want, you better get online or to your local shop to see if you can get the pre-order for it place.